About Us

About Us

How it began...

Founded in 2023 by Llewellyn Moodley. Just another regular die hard, grass rooted car enthusiast as many of us living in South Africa. A nation evident for its growing car culture.

For me, the passion ignited 3 decades earlier when my dad purchased his first BMW. A 316i – E36 or dolphin shape commonly known as. He upgraded the 15” entry level steel wheels with plastic wheel caps to after – market 16” 5- spoke “Mags”!!

For those of you who remember the term “mags”, this was short for magnesium. Once the king of the hill in the after-market wheel scene. In recent times, aluminium material became the material of choice for a number of reasons but mainly due to improved strength and lighter weight.

It was later that same year when South Africa, a nation evident for its unshakeable car culture and community, welcomed its first generation E36 ///M3 since the E30 ///M3 sadly did not make SA shores, having been produced in left hand drive only.

As passionate as I’ve always been for these German Masterpieces and being an overall Petrol Head by nature, I personally don’t believe any OEM wheel, does any car, any real justice it deserves.


We Lease Wheels

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Forged Wheels do not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle aesthetically but assist significantly in vehicle performance overall due the benefits in technology allowing a significantly lighter weight wheel compared to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels. Majority of OEM wheels use a casting mass produced technology method resulting in heavier wheel up to 25%.

Lighter wheels reduce unstrung mas, assisting in better braking, better cornering, better road response and handling, better fuel efficiency and general overall performance.

All We Lease Wheels products are produced using material science T6061 AERO SPACE aluminum.

All our products are internationally certified and compliant approved with rigorously testing to conform to the highest safety standards from wheel design, loading rate, porosity, ductile strength for passenger road use as well as race track.

4 perfect wheels and tyres immediately state the obvious .. thus being a land based machine. Those 4 circular elements, with an invention dating back over 3000 years clearly indicates motion and revolution.

Express your uniqueness thru the art of wheels

Custom wheels and rims

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