Wheel Leasing

How we lease our wheels

Our FEWL82 range...


...delivers to the SA market the final missing link to any real car aficionado.

Upgrading from OEM wheels to a beautiful set of forged alloys transforms ANY CAR aesthetically in every way possible.

For the first time ever, you have the opportunity to experience these state-of-the-art forged masterpiece sets without having at any point to purchase them outright with the price tag they carry.

Transactions are based on a subscription model for membership only.

Once client application approval is granted, 1 x monthly premium deposit is required as well as a once off booking fee which includes:

** Tyres not included **

Straight to the point

Leasing Options

Simple & flexible

Model 1

12-month wheel rotation
Access to our full catalogue

Model 2

12-24-month wheel lease.
No rotation

Sales Model

Custom spec’d and designed wheels at a once-off cost

Time to give your wheels a facelift!

Nation-wide wheel leasing service

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